Re: Up dating a roster was: Prototype fidelity

Armand Premo

 That ws the car that I was thinking of.No one has yet produced  Caso or TH&B.No one?Sure ,Westerfield had both in their line,but I was thinking about more modern cars.There are also regional biases too to placate Arma_nd Premo

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I’d like to see Kadee do about anything (any prototype) that matches their standards. I appreciate the fact they do not do incorrect models but with the addition of a new part, Morton running boards for box cars or the different roof hatch arrangement found on the P-S twin covered hoppers, for instance, they could expand their offerings.

In lieu of Kadee coming out with the circa ’52/’53 53 ft PS gon (if that is the one you have in mind), I suggest people take a look at the WrightTrack kit version. Gary built it using PS drawings, it is a super accurate model and can be used for multiple SR (and other) prototypes if that road is of interest although they ran all over the country. (I am kitbashing both drone and master track panel cars, very distinctive MoW cars but specific to the Southern.)


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