Re: Up dating a roster was: Prototype fidelity

Brian Termunde

A lot in HO yes, and even more in N Scale too!

There has been quite a few decent cars come out in N, Atlas, Bluford Shops, Eastern Seaboard, ExactRail, Fox Valley, InterMountain, MicroTrains, Red Caboose, Trainworx, and I should also include American Model Builders, and I'm sure I'm missing some, but not deliberately. I'm not ungrateful for their offerings, and I do try to support them (it's hard with ExactRail as their cars are great, but for some reason, I can't seem to figure out what their products are, none of them are in my latest ORER (I'm modeling 1953) ; >) If we N Scalers could only get half of what you HO scale folks have, it'd be amazing! Yes, I know we have some stuff that you HOer's envy, but it would be nice for both of our wish lists to filled.

So hats off to our N Scale manufacturers, but please keep the good stuff coming!

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Brian R. Termunde
Midvale, UT
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1b. Re: Up dating a roster was: Prototype fidelity
    Posted by: "Pierre Oliver" pierre.oliver@... pierreoliver2003
    Date: Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:58 am ((PST))

 From where I sit, there are plenty of prototype cars that have yet to be /accurately/ modeled in HO scale.

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