Re: PFE wood reefers (was Re: No more transition cars to do?)

Tim O'Connor

Thanks Tony & Dick, I had not paid much attention YET to the wood cars
and have only built -4 -9 and -12 versions so far. But I'm very happy to
know I can build -19's and -21's using Terry's kits in addition to the
-16 and -19.

So it looks like the -20 is the only significant (1,000 or more) late
wood car that no one has done in HO, and because of the door height can't
be trivially bashed from other parts.

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor did a fine job of listing the four plastic injection-molded PFE wood ice reefers that have been available for 10+ years and are still very good models today.

However Tim must have forgotten that a PFE R-30/40-19 is basically an R-30/40-18 with a metal running board.

And, that a PFE R-30/40-21 is basically an R-30/40-19 with mechanical fans.

As Tony Thompson mentioned, Terry Wegmann sold kits for the -19 and -21. Also, InterMountain has done RTR models of the -19 (part #47410) and the -21 (part #s 47415 and 47416).

So having a good representation of PFE wood ice cars in your model fleets is not hard to do today - even without building the many resin kits that Sunshine did. That's one reason I did a clinic about the subject and posted info to my SmugMug site.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA

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