Choice of doors for NKP 1937 boxcar

Alexander Schneider Jr

I am assembling an IMWX 1937 box car lettered for NKP 15362. The kit includes both Superior and Youngstown doors (in other words, ribbed and flat panel). I would appreciate any information documenting which door design is appropriate for these cars.


The closest photo I can find is in Steam Era Freight Cars Reference Manual, vol. 1, p 156, car 17514, but this was supposedly one of the last order of cars built in 1944 and has Superior doors. However two other NKP boxcars of different styles, built by Pullman in 1944 and 1940 have Youngstown doors so it doesn’t seem that NKP had a clear preference.


An N&W boxcar, ex NKP 15979, is shown in and has Superior doors.


Alex Schneider

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