Re: SHAKE N TAKE Scope of Project and Sign UP Begins.

Greg Martin

I have done my homework for this car. It was decided by Richard and I back in May that this was the car for 2105. He told me to buy the car so we could start the research, well that part is done.
The most difficult issue with for me with this car as a core was finding a car that has early Youngstown Steel Doors and ~ 14'6" ~ clear opening. For Richard that was easy. Others have helped with this project and they will be remembered.  
There is another car that I know of and we will talk about that in Cocoa Brach as a Spring 2015 build on the SHAKE N TAKE list.
Greg Martin
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In a message dated 11/30/2014 3:16:59 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, STMFC@... writes:
MDC released both this double door car and a single door, 1937 AAR design
box car shortly before being sold to Athearn. As Ben says they were both
pretty good tooling but the cars probably got no one's attention on STMFC
because the IMWX/Red Caboose cars were already well known by then.

Has anyone measured the height of the double door car body? I assume since
it's being used for this project that it must be taller than the 10'0" on
the Red Caboose double door cars. It has 4/5 ends and I'm not sure if any
40 foot double door cars had those. Some 50 ft double door cars did have
such ends.

Tim O'

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