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Greg Martin

Boy you guys are making it tough on me tonight...
So if you put a micrometer to the car you'll find that the doors out to out measure 15.08 mm divided by .2917 mm (per scale inch) = 178.54 scale inches divided by 12"= 14'10½"±, which is what it takes to cover a 14'6" clear door opening IIRC.
This is why this car was so tough to seek out. Lots of cars with narrower openings the IC had a car similar with a 12-foot opening... Change the ends and there are more cars but again with narrower openings.
This car has a 5/5 dreadnaught end with square corner post and the SP A-50-16 of course has W corner post.  The Rock Island car has an inset side sill and the SP car has a flush side sill.
We can go into detail a bit more at Cocoa Beach , but again the focus of the presentation will be on the Rock Island car. It is very unique in it's own right. (note to self call Bob and make sure he has plenty photos...)
The SP car will be a Spring build on the Shake N Take list as I am planning on doing those ends as well at the same time and should have the sample there just as Richard had me do for the Santa Fe ends at SNT 2015.
Much to do...
If you plan on doing the Rock Island build as an AFTER MARKET member, and some have already spoken up, please email me  OFF LIST  so we can make sure that there are enough resin sets and decals ahead of time.
As Craig Zeni has said, "this is a very sexy 40-foot double door car..."
 Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean
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Nope. As Greg Martin says: "The most difficult issue with for me with this
car as a core was finding a car that has early Youngstown Steel Doors and ~
14'6" ~ clear opening. For Richard that was easy. Others have helped with
this project and they will be remembered."

The doors of the model are about 7 ft wide. Just for the record, the UP
A-50-16 [ 500 cars built in 1940 and not the same car as the SP A-50-16
built in 1947 ], has a 12 foot door opening. How does this equate to a door
size [ 2 doors ]?. The UP A-50-19 has a 4/4 end and a 14' door opening, 500
cars built in 1947. Just referring to the car's end, a 4/4 configuration,
the SP A-50-16 is a closer match to the UP A-50-19 which also has a 4/4 end.
The SP A-50-13 more closely matches a UP A-50-16. Now, obviously there are
differences that I don't address [ for example the UP cars have the
alternate center rivets ].

Mike Brock

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