Re: 24' Minnesota Ore Car questions

Charles Tapper

B&LE had their own 24' ore cars (jeeps), based on the Minnesota design but with variations, delivered in the mid-50s IIRC.  I remember seeing DMIR cars in service in some photos of B&LE trains, or I at least have a mental bookmark that I could justify some.These were undoubtedly leased. US Steel roads swapped cars and power quite a bit. 
I am not with my books, but this may stimulate some posts by those that are expert.
Short ore cars were operated over the P&LE to Monessen. I know there are published photos in the color books on the P&LE. The shots don't show the sides very well. I don't know if these were from the iron range or owned by Wheeling-Pittsburgh. They were not the DM&IR types. I have spent little time checking up on those.
P&WV served Monessen as well, and ran ore extras, but pictures of anything P&WV are rare as hens teeth.  I will see if any ore extra pix from my books had ore cars or if they were all hoppers.
So...that was really not precise and immensely uninformative. But anyway, I think the answer is yes, in a way. You will have to verify times.
Charlie Tapper
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Did any east coast road operate these circa 1957-58? P&LE, P&WV, or any within PA, NY, NJ....I know the LHR had a similar type.

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