Re: What is Chad up Kit-Wise

Dave Sarther


I hadn't heard that Chad had a new job.  That is great news for the Boas Family.  Chad has been filling the role of "Mr Mom" for a number of years.  He and I collaborated on a few models over the years. I am grateful for his casting talent and patience when a partner on projects.  

Since I was unable to make the 2014 Naperville Meet I was unaware that Chad was absent as well.  Better that he has a job!

Later,  Dave Sarther

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Chad got a job at the Subaru plant in Lafayette (IN) and doesn't have a lot of time off yet.  He came to StL RPM but was only here on Saturday.  He's still got a lot of models for sale and is still making new ones (latest I saw is a C&WC DD auto box) but I don't recall ever seeing a list.

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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