Re: 1940s Railroad Promotional Film: Railroadin'

Bruce Smith


WHAT "white with black door scheme"?  Surely you mean Aluminum (or silver) with black?  This highlights the problem with making color judgements from old film and underscores the many errors that have been published and or modeled based on incorrect interpretation of color.

For reference it also helps to note the time frame, whcih is 10:05-10:08 and repeat the url:

And yes, this is an example of the Georgia aluminum and black scheme.  It is not clear if this car has the ladder area on the right end of the side painted black, but it appears not to.  Black ends for sure and it appears to be a welded roof car.

The coupling is pretty hard eh?

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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I also thought I saw a Georgia railroad USRA in the white with black door scheme at the hump yard section. Anyone care to confirm this?
Brad andonian

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