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spike, indeed! :)

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Users of coal need certain thermal properties, whether for industrial or power plants, steam boilers, or smelting. This often this means that coal is blended to get the exact properties needed. When I was in the Coast Guard I managed to get a Conrail vice-president and myself a tour of the N&W loading facilities at Norfolk. I was astounded to learn that each hopper car's load was graded by thermal level, sulfur content, granular size, and probably ash type. When a ship arrived, cuts of various types were pulled and dumped into each hold to blend the coal to the buyer's specifications. So maybe those NYC hoppers were on their way to "spike" some lower grade mid-western bituminous or lignite (Iowa used to produce a lot of low-thermal "brown" lignite).

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Curious, what are the chances of a Q car ending up on the east coast? Was the midwest bituminous a competitor of the east coast bituminous thus resulting in local service (localized regionally as opposed to national distribution) only so the Q cars would not cross the Mississippi? How is it that NYC cars ended up in Iowa? Empties to be loaded with that bituminous or loaded with east coast bituminous or, God forbid, anthracite...?
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