Re: diagonal panel roof drawing?

Misc Clark

Hi Ed - thanks for the info...I'll be sure to update the drawing!
Clark Cone

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Clark Cone wrote:
 "Ben - you said "Make sure you don't get the drawing that's 41 ft long"... Ha! which drawing is that?"

 Whichever one Branchline used. Always verify any drawing, but especially Hundman's. I can think of at least three significant HO scale manufacturers' errors attributed to them - the initial run of Branchline postwar AAR boxcars, the botched lettering of the Ertl USRA DS boxcars, and the botched lettering of the pilot model and incorrect trucks on the Broadway Limited PRR Class K7A stock car.
 Ben Hom

The drawing appeared on pages 33-34 of the May 1993 Mainline Modeler. It was actually drawn to scale, but two lengthwise dimensions were erroneously inserted (31'-10" truck centers, 42'-10" over strikers) with both dimensions one foot too long.

After Branchline Trains realized the problem (I won't go into the story), to their credit they fixed the problem & subsequent releases of 40'-6" A.A.R. box cars were well done.
Ed Hawkins

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