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That reminds me...

Free State Systems used to produce Carmer cut levers, but I can't find them on the web anymore. Are they still in business, and if so, how would I order them?. Otherwise, I may have to ask Keith at Plano if he'll produce them, and if not, sigh... etch them myself.

I need the cut levers for my SP G-50-9 and G-50-12 (Ulrich GS drop bottom gondolas) and C-30-1 cabooses.

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I was glad to see
Intermountain offer gondolas in CB&Q lettering until I
did a little research. CB&Q Class GA-15 USRA composite
gondolas in series 188750-188999 were first built in 1919,
and for the next twenty years they were used extensively in
coal service. They were built with KD brakes, Miner
staff-type hand brake, Carmer uncoupling levers, eight drop
bottom doors, and Andrews trucks. 528 cars were rebuilt in
1927-28 by installing new wood floors and reducing the
number of drop bottom doors from eight to four, and the cars
that were not rebuilt were renumbered in the 164500-164999
series. All cars were rebuilt again in 1935-36 by removing
15 in. from the bottom of the sides, with the result that
the capacity went from 50 tons to 40 tons, and the diagonal
braces no longer met the vertical braces along the bottom of
the cars. Rebuilt cars had solid wood floors. The original
Murphy ends were replaced with Dreadnaught ends on some of
these cars. These cars were renumbered in the 88310-88311
and 88350-88949 series by dropping the 1 from the original
number series. None of these cars appear in the 1953 ORER.
Six car numbers from the original 1919 number series are
available from Intermountain, but unless you model earlier
than 1936, these cars lettered CB&Q are foobies.  The need is for credible
GS-6/7/8 composite gondolas and GS-1/2 steel rebuilds, now
that these cars are no longer available from Sunshine.  Nelson Moyer  

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