Re: "Highliner" freight car kits


I find it fascinating to hear people complain about how hard it is to
put an Athearn car together when all you do is put couplers. wheels and the
frame on. I have seen Atheran diesels running with no hand rails, again
because of too difficult to put on. Atheran has gotten smart and is now
assembling the tired old kits and they are selling quite well at three times
the price. In Topeka I can't buy a Red Caboose, new Intermountain kit and
only a few Branchline. They have trouble even selling the PK2000 assembled
kits because they are too expensive. They make one order, it doesn't sell and
that's the end of the kits. Thomas the train keeps a lot of shops in business.

The average modeler wan't take the time or is scared to do a kit or
doesn't have the skill to try a plastic kit let alone a resin kit. There are
two distinct groups of modelers out there and I am afraid we are in the

Tom Chenoweth, one man's opinion

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