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He link you provided in your first reply to Staffan worked fine for me thanks.


Paul C. Koehler


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Staffan Ehnbom wrote:


I tried to access Richard Hendrickson's model truck info at:

It didn't work for me. Is it still available?


    In my previous message, I provided the right access link. The intention of Richard and me was to introduce his truck writeup with a single address, and then update it from time to time. The link given by Staffan is the original. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in uploading one of Richard's updates, and the address got changed before I could catch it. That's why there is a "new" address, and I provided a comment on that in my blog post when the new address was first created:



     As it happens, Richard had made a few small corrections and updates to the file in the late spring, and I was able to retrieve that draft from his computer this fall. I will be putting it up soon, as a final version of the project he created.


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