Re: D&M 3100-3174

Todd Horton

Are there any decals available for these cars?  Todd Horton


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thanks Garth that must be one of the few issues I missed

Tim O'

>In the July 1999 RMJ, Ed Hawkins says these cars were built by GATC in March 1957. His article includes a photo of 3148 taken at Eureka, California, in September 1959. That would probably be on SP-subsidiary Northwestern Pacific, or perhaps the Arcata & Mad River which connected with the NWP at Eureka. These cars certainly did get around.
>Yours Aye,
>Garth Groff
>>Speaking of the D&M :-) I just scanned a photo of D&M 3111 and noticed
>>an old (14 year old) email that asked who built these cars? -- As far as
>>I know, no one ever answered that question.
>>So I ask again, anyone know who built D&M 3100-3174? Maybe in the last
>>14 years somebody found out? They were painted light gray, with maroon
>>Tim O'Connor

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