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Greg Martin

I agree with Bruce as there are great examples of Foreign road stock cars on the PRR a long way from the gateways of the west both loaded and empty heading home. Pick up a copy of Don Ball JR's book PENNSYLVANIA RAILROADS 1940s - 1950s and cut the to the Middle Division portion of the book to find photos of foreign line cars on the famous Rockville Bridge. Better yet my favorite photo is in Don Ball's book I REMEMBER PENNSY with my favorite photo of an M1 Mountain class that is captured and directly behind the tender is a L&N Mather STOCK car and behind that a UP S-40-10 in Live Stock Service paint.
I used to say I could never find a photo of a PRR K7 or K8 in a PRR revenue train, just foreign stock cars. I have since found photos to the contrary and now say, "okay they had several revenue stock cars in revenue trains..." I can say I have seen more NP and UP Stock cars separately and collectively in PRR trains than PRR K7 and K8 stock cars in PRR revenue trains. I would love to see a photo of a live stock block that was dominated by PRR stick cars... 
Greg Martin
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This topic comes up almost as frequently as banana traffic.  And every time we come to the same conclusion (or at least those of us paying attention).  Stock cars traveled, certainly to neighboring roads and often much further than neighboring roads. 

I Along with others examples already mentioned, frequent sightings of west coast stock cars (SP, UP and even NP) on the PRR seem to suggest that there were certainly plenty of cars that traveled across the entire nation.



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