Re: CN&L 2500 series s/s boxcar width


Sounds too narrow to me for cars built that late.. USRA single sheathed cars were 8'-9" wide over the sills, and 9'-4" over the eaves. The double sheathed cars were onlt 8'-6" wide over the sills, but the wall system was thicker and were 9'-3 1/4" over the siding. Both were 8'-6" wide inside. Other cars of the era were similar.

Ben, you keep talking about designing patterns for cars in TT scale, but you don't have squat for reference material. At least buy the 1922 Car Builder'[s Cyclopedia reprint available on CD from Rail Driver.

RailDriver | Historic Cyclopedias


It will give you a lot of background if nothing else.

Dennis Storzek

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