Re: foreign road stock cars


In 1952 the PRR was carrying live poultry on train FW-8 in block 5 as it was reclassed at Enola destined for the Live Poultry Terminal in Long Island City.  Which specific cars I cannot verify.

FW-8 originated in Chicago added additional livestock in Fort Wayne and Crestline as well as deliver liverstock to both locations.  Another block of livestock was dropped at Canton Ohio.  Remaining livestock was fed and watered at Pittsburgh Joint Stock Yards.  Train was reclassed when leaving Pittsburgh and reclassed again in Enola where cars for the Reading and local locations were cut out.

Leaving Enola block 5 contained live poultry.  From the make-up of trains I cannot determine where the live poultry originated.  It is only specifically mentioned in the make-up leaving Enola.

The November 26, 1954 revision of the make-up of FW-8 shows the live poultry as part of block 9 leaving Herr's Island (Pittsburgh Joint Stock Yards) with a destination of the live poultry terminal in Long Island. Again the origin cannot be determined as cars in the train originate in several locations and there were connections with trains from Columbus and St Louis in Pittsburgh.

Rich Orr

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