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This was a very interesting story. Thanks much.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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Garth if you read the history of Poultry cars at  you will learn that by 1950 only 15 poultry cars existed and the last shipment of poultry by rail was in 1956. No doubt it took the AAR a while to update their listings. After all the AAR was a committee and you know how quickly committees work. And I am sure you know ORER listings are only as good as what was provided by car owners, and some citations are known to be well out of date.

The history also covers the consolidations of the various Poultry transit companies into North American Car Co. by 1930. In 1944 North American sold their poultry cars to Poultry Transit Co.


Seems to me a few years ago someone did a clinic on Poultry Cars at Naperville. Unfortunately I did not get to see it, just saw it listed on the schedule.


Doug Harding

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