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Mark Stamm

RotoMetals (no relation just a happy customer) sells sheet lead among other metals in different thicknesses by the square foot. I have even used 1/32 sheet lead to replace the wooden deck on several F&C flatcars to give them some weight it is a bit thick but the cars need for weight for operations was most important.

Frankly the Red Caboose weight which is not the full length of the car under frame, at least in the kits I have would be a good choice to replace this way so you can fill the entire under frame.

Mark P Stamm
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You're kidding. In this day and age, if you walk in through the front door, the suits are going to want to charge you an hour at shop rate to even write up an order, and that's $60-$70 right there.

Find a sheet metal fabricating shop, hopefully one that does electrical enclosures, and walk in the back and ask for the foreman. If he's a nice guy, and they use suitable material, maybe he'll send the apprentice scrounging through the scrap bin for a "drop", and have him cut your weights on the power shear for a couple bucks to put in the coffee kitty.

But it's really easier to order some sheet lead and do them yourself with a scissors.

Dennis Storzek

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