Updated SHAKE N TAKE list with the Alternates LAST CALL

Greg Martin

Hey Yuze Gize,
Here is the roster of those that made the sign up for 2015 SHAKE N TAKE presentation. Remember this list is for those that intend to make the event and are willing to build the model. If for any reason things change and you wish to deleted form this list email me separately. If you want to be considered as an alternate email me directly.

A quick note to those who plan to be in Cocoa Beach and are on the SHAKE N TAKE list, please make your room reservations early like this week as a group effort I would like to show that we are dedicated and respect Mike's concerns. Also if you can pre-register and keep Scott Dam a happy man.
Also I would like to take up to ten (or more) alternates as you can see things change. New faces from the lurking crowd is always a good thing. Please Remember Alternates are just that Alternates. 
  1. Craig Zeni
  2. Scott Dam
  3. John Greedy
  4. Richard Berry
  5. John Cantlay
  6. Gene Semon
  7. Ted Culotta
  8. Al Brown
  9. Dave Sieber
  10. Paul Bizier
  11. Schuyler Larrabee
  12. Arved Grass
  13. George Corral
  14. Armend Premo
  15. Mike Brock
  16. Steve Orth
  17. Andy Carlson
  18. John Barry
  19. Tony Thompson
  20. Larry Sexton
  21. Roger Hinman
  22. Bill Welch
I will now entertain the list for...
First Alternates:
  1. Mike Smeltzer
  2. Jeff Aley
  3. Ed Martin
  4. Chuck Davis
  5. Bruce Borgeson
  6. Roger Wilson
  7. Henry Horn
Greg Martin
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