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Todd Horton

Looking at the photo on the NMRA site, So were there were no door stops on these cars?  The right side door is slid over to the left exposing the door opening.


I was looking on Rob’s PRR site, he shows X25A’s on the roster in 53’ but they were gone by 58’. Does anyone know when was the last year that these cars were in service?      Todd Horton


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Hello Everyone,
I'm a bit late to this conversation and agree with the tentative ID as PRR X25.
I find the following pursuasive ...

  • the type of side door visible on the near car. Though shared with other early PRR cars it is a feature of the X25A
  • the paired evenly spaced rivet rows on the side sheet seam on the near car. This is typical of the X25/X25A with their unusual side sheet construction and not like other cars of the era (and later) where, in a double row, one row alternates spacing.
  • The locking bolt (my term) at the top of each door that fits into a ring just below the running board. One of these bolts is visible close up but fuzzy on the left door of the near car. The rings are visible on that car, as well. Both bolts in the lock position are visible on the background car. Only X25A cars have this form of external door locking mechanism?
  • And of course, the number fragment, 598... as pointed out by Ben would place the car in PRR 598001-598437, X25A.

The following image on the NMRA website shows the auto door end of an X25A:

2000 X25A were built:

H&B-built Lot 5117:
PL (P.Co.)        563170-563269      100    1916
PL (TC&O, C&M)    512002-512064        63    1916
PL (CA&C    )    598001-598437      437    1916
PL (PCC&StL)    538501-538822      322    1916
PL (PCC&StL)    556701-556778        78    1916-1917

PRR-built :
PL (P.Co.)        563270-564269    1000    1917

Cheers, and Happy New Year to you all,



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This Shorpy photo shows a little bit of an end door boxcar.  The photo can be enlarged (click on it) to show more of the interior detail.


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


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