Re: (HO) Draft Gear Pockets... In General

Greg Martin

Eric writes:

"Prototype standard has been 2' 10 1/2" since 1890 I believe.
Eric N."
You're correct Eric, that is the top end standard of an empty car. There are actually two standards one for a loaded car and one for an empty car. And for each a number for the tolerances allowed.
My point is that IF the manufacturers are going down this road they need a common starting point taking into consideration the bolster height on the car, the bolster height on the truck and the diameter of the wheel, because the standard needs to remember that regardless of era, regardless of wheel diameter the "sweet spot" is always the same on an empty or a loaded car according to the two the standard(s).
Although I would like to be apprised of the progress within the industry, it really doesn't have a great deal of impact on my "experience" in modeling, just that I want the couplers to align, track well through crossovers, and look as realistic as possible.  The size of the pocket is a personal choice based on the make of the coupler.  
My 2¢ worth...
Greg Martin
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