Re: Eastern Car Works G-26 and AAR Gons - Differences?

Greg Martin

Yes, this car came about after Richard and I have a brainstorming meeting over Labor Day weekend and made some DVDs and sent them to various manufacturers. Richard got and immediate response from Leo Munsen at Athearn as they had a production time to fill in China and Richard sent him the data and Leo jumped on the project.
Leo did an outstanding effort with the car.
Greg Martin
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Ben, Mike, and Tim,

Thank you for info.  I have Issue 9 of the TKM and have given that article a quick scan now.  I know the kit has some shortcomings, but at the moment, it's about the only way to add a G26 and actually build something at the same time.

While I'm asking questions, is the Athearn 65' mill gon the same prototype as the ECW AAR gon kit?
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Thank you,
Jason Cook

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Jason and Group----

I have both the AAR and G26 65' models.  The instructions note the difference as chiefly being in the side ribs (stakes).  The Pennsy car has those characteristic square structural shapes most of which terminate just below the floor line.  The AAR has 'lighter' looking 'hat' section ribs that terminate at the lowest portion of the side where they reside.  I suspect that actual car construction details also differ but don't so much show (or perhaps matter) on the model.  I suspect most of us consider them reasonably decent models of their prototypes.  But--some of us have higher standards.

Hope this helps----Mike

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Jason, Google is your friend. Go to Google Images and search for PRR G-26

>I have acquired some ECW gon kits that are not in a box, no instructions, etc. I have added a picture to the album "ECW Gondola" of what I have. Can anyone identify this kit as the G-26 or the AAR version? I don't see anything on the sprue that identifies which kit this is. Since ECW cataloged two different kits, I am assuming there is a difference, I'm just not sure what it is. I would like to do some Pennsy models so I am hoping this is the G-26.
>Thank you,
>Jason Cook
>New Haven, IN

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