Re: Broadway Limited 70-ton offset Quad hopper

Tim O'Connor


I thought Atlas only one did one car with multiple ends and roofs ... I don't
own any examples of either. I guess I was thinking of the disparaging comments
on the rebuilt cars.

Tim--Do you really mean the Atlas 1932 ARA cars or did you intend to cite the Atlas rebuilds, which were truly awful? I found no significant disparaging comments on the 1932 cars in the archives here, and I found them quite good, appreciating Atlas efforts to do multiple correct configurations. Some might have required revised brake equipment locations, but isn't that we do here?

I agree about the BLI NYC steel cars; they are quite nice. Certainly they benefited from having Richard Hendrickson (and others here) involved.

Wow. We sure have come a long way from scraping ladders and grabs off Athearn and MDC boxcars.

Anxiously awaiting Brian's review of the hopper tonight. I have a B&O version waiting for weathering.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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