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In the Hendrickson and Kaminski billboard reefer book there is a March 1934 photo of a URTX reefer #19511 painted for the G. Heilman Brewing company's Old Style lager. The 40' reefer was built by ACF in 1922.

I'd like to build an HO scale model of this car, but I don't know much about reefers. Westerfield has a couple of ACF built 40 ton 40' reefers that were leased/owned by UTRX. The Westerfield site refers to "type 2 and type 3" (product# 6600 and 6700). What are the differences between types and how would I know which version to start with?

I'll figure out the artwork, as the reason for my interest is that my Dad is from LaCrosse, WI, home of the Heilman brewery until 1996. I may add a Special Export billboard to the other side, since that was my Dad's favorite, the car fits my layout time period and, though very highly unlikely, it is not totally impossible that the reefer made its way to North Carolina before billboards were banned. Other than that artistic license, I want to model it accurately.

Any help on the type 2 vs 3 differences?


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