Re: prototype for MDC truss-rod caboose?

Adrian Hundhausen


The MDC caboose is a model of a Colorado Midland way car, built 1886 based on an AT&SF design from the early 1880s, but with wider side doors installed ca. 1890. The CM only had one car with those exact doors; the others had double rather than triple windows. The kit came with that cupola roof. That style of roof was relatively common and was usually referred to as a Bombay roof.

Adrian Hundhausen

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Is there a prototype for MDC/Roundhouse's 30-odd foot truss-rod wood caboose?
I've got one here that has a cupola whose roof has a bell-curve shape, which
I've seen on their drovers caboose, but not on this 3-window cab. Perhaps
the original owner swapped cupolas? Anyhow, it has a slightly NYC look, but
I wonder if there was a better match.

This is the caboose with the double-sheathed sides, not the single-sheathed
truss-sided version. Here's an example with the regular cupola:

Here's a drover caboose with the funky cupola that my model has:

My thinking if it is close to a New York Central caboose a friend's railroad
can use it, since NYC steam-era cabooses are hard to come by. I know that
many NYC cabooses had very low cupolas.

Scott Chatfield

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