Accurail B&O hopper car herald

Jim Mischke



Accurail has offered a B&O offset side twin hopper as class N-35 in the wartime Kuhler scheme which B&O used during 1940-1945).




This model contains a common inaccuracy.    The prototype 24-inch Kuhler dome herald B &O used from 1937-1945 had an closed ampersand ... looks like a backwards "3" on a pogo stick.    The model uses a dome herald with a closed ampersand "&"  ... on every computer keyboard, above the seven .... which B&O used on freight cars between 1962 and 1966, by which time the N-35 hoppers were virtually extinct.


This herald confusion is not their first.  My Accurail USRA twin hoppers in the 13 great states scheme (used 1946-1953) features the stationary and timetable printed herald, not the 25" freight car stencil.  The difference is the 'B&O" font within the herald.


Both models force a hunt for decal scraps, accurate B&O heralds in correct sizes are surprisingly hard to find.  Westerfield's 13 great states decals are an unprototypical 30-inch diameter.   Prototype 13 states heralds were 12", 25", and 33-inch only.


Accurail offers renumber decals, perhaps they may consider B&O reherald decals.




B&OHS has some lettering guides ....


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