Re: Is this a pickle car?

John Larkin

I grew up in Marshall, Michigan where we had a pickle "factory" and in early days (1952-54) or so NYC was running steam engines and an occasional funny looking car would be left at the pickle factory.  It was basically wooden tubs on flat cars with covers, not the best description but it is all I can remember.  One hot summer day the crew at the pickle factory invited myself and a couple of friends up to satisfy our hunger and thirst on their fresh dill pickles.  After eating a bit I returned them all to the ground below and to this day absolutely despise dill pickles.  But I did get a ride on a steamer once and then on diesels several times while the crews switched around there, and used to hang out at the depot.  I was around 8-12 years old in those days.  The depot lasted a while because it was leased out but today hardly anything is left, no track at all on the south side, the old DT&M depot was still there a few years ago but it gone and the NYC preceded it.
I also used to go to West Chicago around then on family visits and the same type cars were there at a pickle factory on the C&NW.  The roundhouse still stood for a while but not much went on in those days.  I took a couple of slides of the pickle cars but they disappeared many years ago.  Same theme though.  I believe there were 3-4 wood tubs per car but that's a memory from 60 some years ago and I have forgotten a couple of details since then....

John Larkin.

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Actually, the pipe I think he is referring to is outside the truck, making it the ice bunker drain on this express reefer.

Bruce Smith
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Gary Laakso asked:
"On the far right of this picture is what appears to be a wood end covered top car with a corner hatch. A good assumption that it is a pickle car? Is that a drain pipe hanging down near the truck?"

Absolutely not. You're looking at the end of an express reefer. That pipe is the steam line connection.

Ben Hom

Posted by: Benjamin Hom


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