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Whoever would have thought that Kodak would abandon the technology that made it great in favor of something called "digital" ?
Ilford is still committed to the silver halide technology and I use them exclusively, and so do other photo dealers. If Ilford gives up there will always be Chinese-made paper, though how good their product is, remains to be seen.
John C. La Rue, Jr.
Bonita Springs, FL

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Hello Doug and all,

    I believe you are correct about Bob Lilljestrand's business (Bob's Photos) in all but one respect. 
Bob used to do quite a bit of his own printing but if I am not mistaken he has not done ANY printing 
since taking a header on an ice patch at the Springfield show several years ago. This left him with
an inability to tolerate the fumes from photographic processing chemicals which left him having to
use the services of others for all printing. As I have found myself of late it is also becoming more and
more difficult to purchase decent black & white photographic printing paper and chemicals. Once 
they have been found the price is often prohibitive as well. Whatever happened to American 
opportunity and competition? It is even effecting the STMFC hobby field.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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