Re: NYC steam era boxcar decals?


Hello Mr. Chatfield:  Westerfield Models has available several sets of Steam Era decals for NYC (and related railroads) Boxcars.  We have decals for NYC USRA Single Sheathed, Steel and Double Sheathed box cars, as well as the Double Sheathed Auto Boxes.  We also have decals for NYC hoppers and stock cars, as well as the Kits to make all of these cars.
Please see our website:, look under "decals" on our store page left side.
For USRA Steel boxes, see 2900 series decals.  Decals for all series are listed Dxxxx.
For USRA SS Boxes, see 3300 series decals.
For USRA DS Boxes, see 3800 series decals.
For DS Auto/ Boxes, see 10100 and 7900 series decals.
Please check the same series numbers under the Kit listings for photos of the assembled car.
Thank you,
Andrew Dahm


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A quick look at Microscale turns up nothing for New York Central steam era boxcars, the oxide red cars with the oval logos (outline or black background). So what is the preferred source of NYC decals for the modelers on this list?


Scott Chatfield

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