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Douglas Harding

Clark, from the below website the CWTX reporting marks were first used in 1955, after your 1954 modeling era.




Central West Refrigerator Despatch Co.

added 4/1955; 10/1957; eliminated 7/1959


Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co.

added 7/1959; 4/1961-1/1975; eliminated 4/1978


Chem West Industries, Inc.

added 4/1981


Chemwest Industries, Inc.

eliminated 4/1992


ChemWest Industries, Inc.




I also have this IC setout list, dated June 11, 1959, which shows one of the CWTX tankcars loaded with lard. These are Armour cars, so very possible this train contained cars from Deckers in Mason City.


82 East 130AB-121CD [F3ABBA] Condr: S P Sucik

I/C to IHB 1115 11-Jun-59


Cars set out at Congress Park IL:

CB&Q   52936 Hogs       MC

NADX   12259 Meat       NKP-LV-LIRR

NADX   12405 Meat       NKP-DL&W

NADX    1031 Meat       NYC-B&A

NADX    1047 Meat       NYC-B&A

CWTX    3213 Lard       IC-CofGA-SAL-FEC

CB&Q   52556 Hogs       MC

ARLX    1818 Meat       ERIE-NYNH&H

TRAX   12139 Meat       NKP-W&LE-P&WV-WM

ARLX    1448 Meat       PM-CP-MEC

ARLX    1756 Meat       NKP-DL&W-L&HR-NYNH&H

ARLX     275 Meat       NKP-DL&W-D&H-B&M

TRAX   12140 Meat       NKP-DL&W-L&HR-NYNH&H

ARLX    1848 Meat       NKP-W&LE-P&WV-WM

ARLX    1367 Meat       ERIE-NYNH&H

TRAX   12494 Meat       PRR

TRAX   12510 Meat       PM-CP-MEC

TRAX   12458 Meat       NKP-W&LE-P&WV-WM

TRAX   12247 Meat       NKP-W&LE-P&WV-WM

ARLX    1439 Meat       NKP-W&LE-P&WV-WM

ARLX    1580 Meat       NKP-DL&W-L&HR-NYNH&H

ARLX    1233 Meat       PRR

ARLX    1500 Meat       PRR

ARLX      76 Meat       NKP-DL&W-L&HR-NYNH&H

ARLX    1460 Meat       NKP-W&LE-P&WV-WM

[ARLX    171 Meat       GTW, S/O Bad Order]

ARLX    1287 Meat       PRR

ARLX    1749 Meat       PM-CP-B&M

FGEX    1138 Cheese     C&O-LV

S&A      370 Sugar      IHB, Blue Island IL

NP      9881 Midds      IHB, Blue Island IL, Hale's

CN    506415 Zinc       IHB, Hammond IN

CN    503392 Zinc       IHB, Hammond IN

CN    529432 Zinc       IHB, Hammond IN

33 car setout, 2 Stock, 25 Perishable, inc 24 Meat.


Can’t tell you any specifics about the tanks cars.



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My only printed ORER is the NMRA 53 version. I do have a few Westerfield CDs, but they do not contain all the private owner cars.

I’ve got my roster done now except for these two tank cars CWTX 3213, 3216. Would really appreciate info on these cars.


Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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