Couplers for sale


Hello to all. 

After having started to convert my cars over to Sergent couplers I have the following Kadee couplers for sale.   Unfortunately there are no boxes with these so I have priced them with reference to what Kadee charges for bulk packs.   There are springs with the number 5's for the boxes and I have included some small springs for the couplers in each pack.

Number 5 standard couplers with springs, no boxes.   Have 32 looking for $25

Number 158 which are the scale head whisker couplers medium shank, no boxes.  Have 108 asking $80

Number 153 which are the scale head whisker couplers with the short shank.  Have 34 asking $40

You can get me on my email at rob.mclear3@... sorry for the cross postings if you are getting this more than once.   Also moderators if this is not allowed on this list please delete.


Rob McLear


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