Re: Bozos and Athearn container gondolas

Tim O'Connor


I have to question this version of events. Hey, you brought it up! :-)

I saved a LOT of the flaming emails from 1996 onwards and let me remind
you, the flames went back and forth between a LOT of people over a period
that spanned at least 5 years! I think it was the fact that many of us
were tired of being (temporarily or permanently) ejected from the FCL
(which I had started) that you were motivated to create the STMFC on the
Yahoo web site. (I think the Yahoo groups were a relatively new thing then.)

On the other hand, I do occasionally enjoy going back and re-reading some
of those flames, asides, apologies, etc. Some of the insults and conversations
were damn fine literature!

Tim O'Connor

Ben Hom notes about the Athearn gon:

"This is the model that spurred the formation of the STMFC group when
Richard Hendrickson stated on the now defunct Freight Car List that the
target audience for this model was "toy train bozos", a characterization
some members took as a green light to start a flame war."

And established a rule in the new STMFC that Richard...and only
Richard...was allowed to refer to anyone as a Bozo. As far as I know, I
think I escaped such recognition...but only barely.

Speaking of the Athearn gon, I used two to build an ATSF GA-55 65' [?] gon
which still wanders around my layout.

Mike Brock

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