Re: Bobs photos

Tim O'Connor


Fortunately it's no longer necessary to make lists. Simply dump the
entire photo collection (assuming you scan everything you buy) onto a
pad computer and carry that computer with you. When you find a print,
search the index... voila! The pad will pay for itself in prevented
duplicates, and foobie-prevention.

Tim O'

As far as Bob's photos, one thing I fail to do pretty much at every show is
prepare myself for the photo vendors. I end up just randomly browsing and
buying stuff that catches my eye or is appropriate, but I have a bad habit
of buying duplicates because the pics I bought last year are still in the
bag. I started to work on that by going through my prints and organizing
them by road into folders, and I had a few dupes but not as many as I
feared. When I go to a show - probably Marion next - which I missed in
2014 due to an unscheduled trip to Pluto - I need to have some idea what
I'm looking for, because I simply don't have the time to go through every
bin. Just an example... L&N freight cars. They fit my era and location -
Monon as well - but I rarely think about them when I'm digging through the
N&W and Wabash stuff.


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