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Pierre Oliver

Hi there!
I can't help much on this one just yet. I've yet to see the patch panels in person or as a photo. And I can't recall what thickness they are etched in. Sorry.
Please be patient and all will be revealed.
Pierre Oliver
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"Semantically speaking, they don’t have to be any particular thickness.  However, to be prototypic thickness they would need to be around 0.009” for 3/4” plate and 0.006” for 1/2” plate steel."

1/2" plate... 3/4" plate? Seriously? It always amazes me, for as picky as the RPM guys claim to be, how clueless they are about material sizes. Most prototype steel boxcars were sheathed with 10 ga. steel, which, at about .135" thick, is just a bit thicker than 1/8". This would properly represented in HO by material .002" thick... yeah, heavy foil. Even if one wanted to bump the thickness up a bit so it doesn't get buried in paint, .003 or .004 would be about the max.

That's not saying that Pierre's product won't be that thickness, as I believe Peter has done some etching work with .005" stock. Pierre?

Dennis Storzek

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