Re: Photos from Prototype Rails 2015

Tom Madden

Everything is ready except the instructions. Bill Darnaby wrote them as he assembled the two pilot models, but when he saw the instruction sheets at Cocoa Beach after a few weeks away from them he admitted even he'd have problems following them. I understand a few more photos will be added.

There are three domes, which Frank has labeled Hooker, Consolidated and Monsanto. I put examples of all three with Bill's display, and the one in Gary's photo is the Monsanto. It's a one-piece casting.

Frank has a lot of projects in mind, and the idea is to keep them all in production so as to forestall speculators. They might not all be in stock at all times (after the initial surge), but a list price of $64 is a powerful incentive to meet the demand.

Tom Madden 

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