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Red Caboose lists the following X29 undec kits:

RC-7001 X-29 '28 body with Dreadnaught ends
RC-7002 X-29 '24 body with plate ends
RC-7003 ARA body with short frame and B&O ladders (ed: must be one of the X29 "copies")
RC-7005 X-29 with patch sides and plate ends (ed: the '24 body?)
RC-7006 X-29 REA '24 body with patch sides and plate ends
RC-7007 X-29 REA '28 body with dreadnaught ends

So who makes the '23 body (and how is it different?). It looks like the '28 body is the one with Dreadnaught ends.

Looks like I really need to find a copy of RPC vol 24

This has also been published regarding the various Red Caboose models, but it doesn't include information on the 1923 (original) cars:

There's also this:

However, it doesn't list any PRR X29s built in 1923, and it differentiates between 1928 and "late X28" without noting when these "late X28" cars were built.

The more I learn, the more confused I get, but I'm willing to slog through the details to get it right.

To those who this is old-hat, I appreciate your patience and tolerance.

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Subject: RE: [STMFC] Ye Old X29
Date: Thursday, January 15, 2015, 2:48 PM


True, and RC did a good job -- but it's only ONE of the
carbody styles and

they made 4 different bodies (1923, 1924, 1928 and a version
with dreadnaught

ends). 1950's modelers need to patch all of them.

Tim O'Connor

>I'm sure the etched panels are beautiful, but you
should know that Red Caboose released a run of X29 with a
'patch' side: RC-7201.


>Jim Hunter

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