Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: (was Athearn) container gondolas (UNCLASSIFIED)

Tim O'Connor


So it would appear the LCL Corporation was the owner of the containers and
the several railroads simply supplied the gondolas to transport them? Is that
an accurate statement? Or perhaps the railroads leased the containers from LCL Corp?

I guess I'm asking were all of the containers identical except for the lettering?

Tim O'Connor

At 1/15/2015 07:56 PM Thursday, you wrote:

I uploaded a photo to the files section under my name. The picture shows an NYC and a D&H gon with cement containers. The NYC carried 20,000 lb containers and the D&H carried 22,000 lbs ones. The containers are listed as being 7� 6� in diameter so I assume the ones the D&H used were taller than the NYC version. Both of these are lettered � The LCL Corporation� Todd Horton

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