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Todd Horton

Tim, I would think there has to be some difference in the containers due the
capacity difference, 20,000 lbs. vs 22,000 lbs. The light weight for each
are listed as 4,385 lbs. vs 4,430 lbs. That's only 45 pounds so maybe the
difference was internally, a deeper sloped bottom perhaps? One thing I did
missed upon first glance is that there's also a ACF logo on both the NYC and
D&H canisters. The D&H photo says "Builder of car and containers, ACF"

The other question that comes up is about unloading cement from them. The
D&H car has 4 cut outs down at least one side of the car for this purpose,
the NYC photo is too dark to tell but from looking at photos of other cars
(LV I know for sure) had slots spaced evenly along the sides of the car as
well.. The canisters have one fitting for an unloading hose to attach down
towards the bottom of the canister. If you look at the photo of both of
these cars the canisters in each are turned differently as placed in the
gondola. I'm making an assumption here but I would think that the lettering
would have been orientated the same on all of these when they were painted
new. Using the D&H car as an example and going off the photo you would have
had to unload three of these from one side of the car and two from the
other. The NYC car shows a similar arraignment, 3 canisters are orientated
in one direction and the other three are in the opposite direction.

It would be interesting to compare in service shots of these cars to see
how the canisters were positioned after they had been on the road from a
period of time. I have always thought these were interesting cars and they
would make a good modeling candidate. Todd Horton


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So it would appear the LCL Corporation was the owner of the containers and
the several railroads simply supplied the gondolas to transport them? Is
an accurate statement? Or perhaps the railroads leased the containers from
LCL Corp?

I guess I'm asking were all of the containers identical except for the

Tim O'Connor

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