Re: Borden's Produce Company reefer

Jack Mullen

As Tony indicates, Borden's Produce Co. leased reefers from NWX and others. 

In the Billboard Era, which this obviously is, it was common for the lessor to create specific reporting marks for individual lessees. In the July 1935 ORER (Westerfield CD), the NWX listing tabulates 39 marks for specific lessees, including  "B.P.D.X." - Borden's Produce Company, New York, N.Y. 

BPDX appears to match the reporting marks on the end of the reefer in the photo, as well as I can discern them. The plain hatches with simple latch and no platform are typical of  NWX's  AC&F reefers.

The ORER NWX listing shows one series, BPDX 84370 - 84478 (or perhaps 84479; the scan isn't very clear). Unfortunately, NWX, like several other private car lessors, doesn't show the number of cars actually in each series. Note B indicates "permanent floor racks, brine retaining tanks, no meat rails", equipment which is  consistent with the products advertised.

But not so fast!  The BPDX reporting mark also appears under URTX in the same ORER, with three series: 12000-12014, 7 cars; 85000-85003, 4 cars; and 85004-85009, 6 cars. 85000-85003 are type RA, the others RS. All 3 series are marked with the symbol denoting additions.  

I think the car number might begin with 844, but I'm certainly not sure. I suspect the car is from the NWX group, but I don't think I can eliminate the URTX possibility. Can anyone add to this?

Jack Mullen

And did anyone else notice that the Swift reefer seems to have its door sealed with a large sheet of paper?

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