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william darnaby

The NKP cars were used to carry dolomite from Basic Refractories at Narlo, Ohio to the mills in the Pittsburgh area.

Bill Darnaby

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This beauty of a photo from the Barriger collection shows two NKP container gons at PG tower at the junction of the Port Perry Branch and Monongahela Division of the PRR. Note the gons carry eleven, not twelve containers: 4 over each truck and three placed oddly in the center (one has them crosswise, one front-to-back)

. I suspect they are carrying either powdered limestone or powdered dolomite, as this yard served several steel mills, including USS's Duquesne Works, off photo to right (east). Tremendous photo.

Elden Gatwood

That's a great photo Eldon. Unless there is some serious foreshortening from the camera, the containers in the car on the right are not all the same size. The containers middle (cross wise) appeare to be about 2/3rds the capacity of the others. I would support this guess by asking why the crane operators would have loaded them sideways--unless there they are a different commodity.

Montford Switzer did an article to freelance container cars in RMC in the early 90's and had prototype photos, including a car from the Missouri and Illinois (Missouri Pacific.

Michael Seitz
Missoula MT

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