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Again, I think list will clear up what Red Caboose produced, and what models they may or may not be accurate for:

If that spreadsheet needs to be corrected, then let's get it corrected. Nearly 13 years after that list was produced, can we settle the ???? in the list?

Lastly (wrell, for this message at least), it looks to me like the Red Caboose/Intermountain models render the Train Miniature/Walthers X29 pretty much obsolete. Is that a fair assumption? (There I go with another of my now infamous assumptions!)

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Friday, January 16, 2015 8:25 PM
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David Thompson wrote

> '23 was the original proposal that was voted down. B&O's original class M26 (no suffix)
> was built to that spec, but everything else was derived from the revised '24 specs.
> As for the RC kits, 7002 is the original X29 from 1924 (also B&O M26B).
> 7001 is the revised rivet pattern for the side sheets, plus the Dreadnaught ends used on
> the X29s built in the early 1930s. Kitbashing the plate ends from 7002 onto 7001 will get
> you a late '20s X29.
> 7003 is the ARA 1924 design (B&O M26A, C, D, etc. and not the same as the early X29).

I'm not sure you got all those facts straight David. But perhaps it's just the way you
worded the message. Here are two reposts from Chris Barkan from long ago and far away,
i.e. from the old and forgotten Freight Car List

Bottom line, I'm pretty sure Red Caboose only did the 1923 ARA, 1924 X29 & 1928 X29 designs.
And they also did the 1928 X29 with dreadnaught ends.

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