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Greg Martin

You picked the best place to learn. There are experts out there that will kindly correct you. This is a pretty good fellowship of Old Dudes.
Greg Martin
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Andy Carlson mentioned that photo he'd presented at Cocoa Beach.

I had figured the PRR Merchandise cars to be similar to SP's Overnight cars. But then, again, perhaps it was used as advertisement. I mean, what else is shipped in a box car, other than merchandise? OK, grain. :-) But by then (1958) the covered hopper was gaining prominence in that commodity.

As little as I know about the SP, I know even less about the PRR. I'm truly ignorant, but it's not terminal. I can be cured through education. I hope! :-)

I am here to learn. I am not an authority on anything this list is concerned about. If I come across trying to appear authoritative, I apologize. It's never been my intent. I answer questions when I think I know the answer. I'm grateful to be corrected. You may notice that I asked "Is it safe to assume..." rather than to state my assumption as if it were fact. If that appears to be presenting a theory rather than asking a question, I need to improve my communication skills.

I think I need to do less writing, and more reading on the list. :-/

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