Re: Ye Old X29

Greg Martin

Arved writes in part writes:

"Lastly (well, for this message at least), it looks to me like the Red Caboose/Intermountain models render the Train Miniature/Walthers X29 pretty much obsolete. Is that a fair assumption? (There I go with another of my now infamous assumptions!)

Arved Grass"
From this Keystone Modeler you're going get two thoughts and they are continually fuel by the article that Ben wrote and my own personal preference.
1) given the techniques you have or will learn in Ben's articles to help you justify the car on your prototype layout you should have at least one.
2) With what you have or could learn from SHAKE N TAKE you can/should have one on your layout.
Has anyone ever noticed that the two cars are slightly different in length. Now I don't propose that you can determine the accuracy of any model by comparing one model to another, but I haven't put either to a set of drawing to figure it out.
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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