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Got mine in New Hampshire at a building supply, not big box store. They stocked it for chimney pros. Not much retail market for DIY!

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>Sheet lead from chimney flashing is one I use.

This must be a western thing. I found zero lead flashing around
Cincinnati. One kid I asked at an 84 lumber store, asked for lead flashing
and he said "Uh, do you mean metal?" I said yes, lead is a metal. He
showed me some galvanized.... for whatever reason, lead is just not used
around here in roofing and plain sheet isn't readily available. Lowes had
some chimney cone shaped things, but they cost way more than I wanted to
pay for the actual amount of lead they contained. Someone suggested
McMaster-Carr and I bought what has so far been a lifetime supply. It
beats tire weights, or marked up 10x tire weights, and all the other blob
and pellet shaped things. It's 1/16" sheet and I can cut it to whatever
shapes I need. The scraps all go in a box and get used here and there to
fill in spaces.


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