Re: [Classic_UP] RE: New Broadway Limited UP 4-12-2

Don Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

To hell with the critics, Steve! Thank you for a very
well presented post of what was done to make the sound of
BLI's forthccoming UP 4-12-2 sound as close as possible to
the prototype without literally investing millions to build
a new UP 4-12-2 to record it. Even if that were done I'm
sure some know-it-all would proclaim it didn't sound like
the "original" UP 4-12-2's. Such is life but a very much
appreciate what you have done to replicate the sound and
your excellent explanation of the entire effort. The only
remaining question is whether or not Mike Brock has taken
out a mortgage on his home to purchase one model for each
prototype???? Sorry for the lack of an Steam Era Freight
Car tie in other than to ask how many cars the model is
expected to haul?

Now to really LEAN on the BLI folks for a second New Haven
4-8-2 model; and R-3 class that was also a three cylinder

Cordially, Don Valentine

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