Re: Car Weights

Dennis Williams

The best thing to mount the weights for me is GE Clear Silicone II.  I use a gun and tube.   
Dennis Williams/Owner

On Saturday, January 17, 2015 7:20 PM, "ron.merrick@... [STMFC]" wrote:

Mee too.  CB&T cars, built the year they were first produced, or perhaps the year after.  Fabulous stainless weight.

Stuck then into the cars with lots of Goo.

Five years later they all bowed in the middle.  But by that time I had figured out how hard it was to make a CB&T car look good, so I didn't care that much.

Yes, I harvested all the stainless weights that were in the inventory of cars I had.  The rest of the contents of those boxes went into the recycle bin.  The weights are now used to hold down the roofwalks of Branchline cars while the cement dries.  Sort of like the three former Fairbanks-Morse locomotives which have been  turned into flatcars to carry ingots at the former Cameron forge shop in Houston.

Ron Merrick

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