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Further on Tony’s reply.  Chartrand’s office was located on Los Feliz Blvd. just down the street from the Tam O’Shanter restaurant.  If I recall from my calls there it was a two or three person operation.  They just leased the cars and did not control any routings so not a lot of sales calls were made to their offices.


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Bob Chaparro wrote:


A fellow modeler shared some freight car photos with me that included single- and two-dome tank cars bearing the name “Chartrand’s Hollywood” and carrying the reporting marks CHAX. Apparently this was a leasing company that also used CFPX reporting marks.

Does anyone know more about this company?


    Chartrand Traffic Service purchased tank cars second hand or third hand, and leased them at bargain rates. Their fleet was quite miscellaneous, and often photographed in relatively late times, since they kept some real antiques running for years.

     Model Railroad Hobbyist (the free on-line magazine) has an upcoming article by the late Richard Hendrickson about multi-compartment tank cars, and I know it includes at least one photo of a CHAX car.

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