Cocoa Beach a Very Special Thanks from the Shake N Take Group

Greg Martin

Let me thank the folks that made this project a success. These folks have worked hard behind the scenes and absolutely deserve recognition.
This project started with the help of Richard Hendrickson who supplied photos and information to start the ball rolling and was a great inspiration; his untimely passing has been hard for us all. You'll never realize how much input he has offered from the very beginning of these projects. This project was our last together from the start to what is now finished. He provided me with other future projects but in his absence of standing over me in his flight suite with his hands in his pockets looking down at the data that he had provided in the “Room of all Knowledge” while I sat at the table digesting all he had acquired and I can truly say, “School was in...” dare I say I feel a bit lost.
God Speed Richard I miss you immensely, every day...
Steve Hile for his research into and the acquisition of such valuable data on the Rock Island series 161000 to 161349 40-foot
Automobile Boxcars. He has done a tremendous amount of work on this project. Also his contribution of the decals that we need to make this project complete.
Ed Hawkins for his quiet insight and helpful research that kept the very details of this project moving forward, thank you Ed. 

Jim Singer who as always manages my efforts on these project as well a the miscellaneous parts that make the projects doable. He pushes me, he is my perpetual force, although I know he could just hurt me at times.

Archer Rivets who contributes the decal rivet to make this project complete. Thank you very much Woody and Jen!
A very special thanks to Craig Walker and Athearn Trains who was so kind to provide the kits to make this possible, you will never realize how much this does for the modeler. Thanks Craig from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to Bill McClung with InterMountain Railway for the donations of the detail sprues to complete our kits, it was the icing on the cake for these modelers.
A great thanks to Dennis Storzek, who has always been there countless times, involved in every SHAKE N TAKE so far with parts and input that have helped me pull off these projects, often at the last minute...

A thanks has to go out to Schuyler Larrabee who is the owner, and moderator, on his SHAKE_N_TAKE Yahoo Group list as well as editor of these projects , he keeps me square, he is my Jimny Cricket.
Thanks to Aaron Gjermundson who for the second year in a row has provided the group with resin parts from my masters, as imperfect as they are...

And thanks to all those members of this little niche group who stumbles through my handout and manages to complete these projects and return them complete or nearly so year after year, you know who you are. Also to those that can't attend but elect to follow along in Cyber Session.

And to Mike Brock (aka Boss) and Prototype Rails 2015 who for the past fifteen years has provided a forum for our SHAKE_N_TAKE projects and puts up with all my silly notions.

Next Year will be special and in order to honor Richard Hendrickson again we are going to have a special project along with our SHAKE N TAKE, it will be a tribute build of Richard's West Rails conversion kits from the 1980's a man long ahead of his time. Space for this will be extremely limited. We will welcome all who wish to sit in and follow along. We may have aftermarket part available for this but that is not certain at this point.
Thanks to all who see SHAKE N TAKE as silly little way to bring model building back to the Railroad Modelers.
Greg Martin
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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